The Insurrectionist Left [UPDATED]

After less than two weeks of the Trump Administration, it is becoming clearer and clearer how the Democrats and the Left plan to approach the Trump Administration.  This approach is not attempting to find common ground where possible.  It is not principled opposition.  It is not mere dissent.

It is insurrection.

Over the last two weeks, we have been treated to the following:

  • Cities proudly declaring are “sanctuary cities” that will not assist the federal government in enforcing federal immigration law, with one city, Charlottesville, VA, stating it wants to be a sanctuary city as a center of “resistance”;
  • An acting Attorney General publicly refusing to enforce a legal and constitutional executive order temporarily pausing immigration from seven sworn enemies or war-torn anarchic states;
  • A Senate Minority Leader praising the insubordination of said acting Attorney General from the floor of the US Senate;
  • 14 state attorneys general, all Democrats, suing to prevent the implementation of the immigration pause;
  • Hundreds of foreign service officers publicizing a dissent cable opposing the president’s policy;
  • A Secret Service agent publicly refusing to protect the President;
  • Over 50 elected Democrats refusing to attend the Inauguration because of the supposed illegitimacy of Trump’s election;
  • National Parks Service employees using a federal Twitter account to promote views on climate change not held by their boss, the President, the chief executive of the US; and
  • Incessant lying that the Trump Administration is promoting a Muslim immigration ban when it is only temporarily pausing immigration from a handful of countries that are either formally designated as state sponsors of terror or are anarchic states where al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorists operate freely.

All these Democrats and Leftists see themselves in their own little biopics in their heads as writing their very own Letter from a Birmingham Jail, or crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge, or, in the case of Ms. Yates, the victim of a Nixonian Saturday Night Massacre.  The protesters are running around searching for ways to make signs and scream at the top of their lungs in the streets about the awfulness of Trump.  The immigration executive orders are just a pretext.  They’ll find something else soon enough.  The Supreme Court nominee tonight.  And then something else tomorrow.  All the protests are nothing more than easy and cheap moral preening — it’s easy to show you are one of the “good guys” by loudly and ostentatiously protesting Trump.

Where were these people Obama was doing nothing in Syria?  When he allowed the Russians into Syria?  When he let the Russians indiscriminately bomb Syrian civilians?  When he let the Russians and Iranians provide cover for Assad’s barrel bombs?  When he was killing American citizens in drone strikes and telling the NYT about how he was good at killing people?  Nowhere, that’s where.  Because Obama was a Democrat, because he had that “(D)” next to his name, what he was doing in Syria and in the broader war on terror, whatever it was, must have been moral and right according to these people.  Put that “(D)” next to your name, and you must be, by definition, working for the cause of human rights and justice.  You don’t have to explain what you are doing.  You are, by definition, a moral and righteous being whose every action is by definition geared toward justice and righteousness.

And all of this takes place against the background of the Democrats and the Left working overtime before the inauguration to delegitimize Trump — blaming the FBI and James Comey, inflating the claims of Russian interference in the election to claim with hardly any evidence that the Russians worked to get Trump elected, the phony blow-up with John Lewis, the women’s marches the day after the election, before Trump had a chance to do anything in office, the “Not My President” protests that greeted Trump’s election, the calls to eliminate the Electoral College because Trump lost the popular vote.

Well, it is time to say NUTS to all this.  In the wake of losing the Presidential election, the Democrats have chosen dishonor, and they should get war.  Imagine if, within a week of Obama’s inauguration, cities were stating publicly that they were going to be part of the “Resistance” or that the acting Attorney General would refuse to obey the President on an unquestionably legal and constitutional executive order.  We’d be hearing cries of “neo-Confederates!” or “‘resistance’ is a code word” etc. etc.  But with a Republican and Trump in office, suddenly all of this resistance is noble and moral.  Nuts to this.

It is time for Republicans to fight back double hard.  No more “on the one hand, on the other hand” arguments.  No more “yes, Trump’s order was legal, but it was implemented in a ham-handed way.”  No more of John McCain and Lindsey Graham grandstanding and opposing Trump to become the media’s favorite “responsible” Republicans.  The time for this is over.  The Democrats have made it clear that they are going to oppose everything the Trump Administration does with every fiber of their being, lying all the way to do it.  They have declared war on the Trump Administration.  They intend to throw sand in the gears of everything the Trump Administration wants to do, through ostentatious protesting, bureaucratic resistance, and non-cooperation with federal law enforcement.  President Trump did the right thing by firing the Acting Attorney General last night.  More bureaucrats should be next.

And how dare the Democrats try to tell me what are American values and what is un-American!  Who died and made the Democrats the arbiters of what is un-American?  I don’t need the Democrats to tell me what is un-American.  I know it just fine, thank you very much.

So President Trump temporarily banned immigration from Iran.  Iran launches missiles with “Israel must be wiped off the map” painted on their side.  Are you saying you want unlimited immigration from Iran, Chuck Schumer?  “Shomer” of the Jewish people?

And, of course, former President Obama weighed in, slyly aligning himself with the protesters by saying the US should not have religious tests and that he appreciated the protesters making their voices heard.

Yeah, well, the former President doesn’t have much room to talk.  When there was an opportunity to create safe zones for Syrians before the Syrian Civil War spun out of control and the Russians intervened, he did nothing.  When the Yazidis and Iraqi Christians were targeted for systematic extermination by ISIS fanatics, he didn’t push to increase their refugee levels into the US.  Between 2011 and 2015, there was only a trickle of Syrian refugees allowed entry into the US.  So spare me the righteous lectures, pal.

When I hear Obama talking about immigration, or Syria, or the rest of the Middle East, I can only think of three words from that epic musical about income inequality and social justice, Les Miserables: GO AWAY, TENARDIER.

UPDATE: The insurrection continues.  Democratic Senators have boycotted today’s scheduled confirmation votes for HHS Secretary nominee Dr. Tom Price and Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin to prevent their confirmation.  After the Democrats asked to have them rescheduled to attend last night’s anti-Trump candlelight vigil at the Supreme Court.  They are digging their fingernails in, desperately trying to keep the Trump Administration from taking action to repeal the deeply unpopular Obamacare.  Remember when the Democrats complained about Republican obstructionism?  Remember Obama’s whiny lament about Republican obstructionism on his way out the door?  I guess obstructionism is now OK too, because it is in the service of noble Democratic ends.


One thought on “The Insurrectionist Left [UPDATED]

  1. A mutual friend turned me on to this posting ~ you nailed it!!! Thank you for representing the very ideals that those outside of NoVA and the Tidewater area agree with. Nice to know someone in the state “gets it”.


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