The Common Sense Presidency

After one week of the Trump Administration, I think it is becoming clear that President Trump is really the everyman President.  He is looking at issues, thinking up common sense solutions, and just implementing them.  He wants to create jobs, so he opens the way for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline.  He wants to protect Americans from crime by illegal immigrants, so he takes actions to stop providing federal funds to “sanctuary cities” and sets the wheels in motion to build the wall.  He wants to do whatever it takes, as permitted by law, to get information from terrorists to prevent attacks.  Simple stuff.

By contrast, the Democrats are really setting themselves up to be a niche, boutique opposition party that by reflexively opposing President Trump is boxing itself into extreme positions that are unappealing to the ordinary voter.

Take immigration.  On my drive in to work this morning I heard quotes from a whole host of mayors and county executives assuring their illegal immigrant populations that they would be safe and welcome in there cities and counties.  And I’m thinking, it would be nice if they could have assured the Steinle family that their daughter would be safe.  I doubt I am the only person thinking that.  Or any of the other families who lost loved ones to illegal immigrant criminals.  Common sense says American voters will respond more favorably to someone who vows to protect them and enforce US law.

One of those mayors who promised to protect and keep illegal immigrants safe is Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.  What is he talking about?  He can’t keep anyone safe in Chicago!  Americans look at a city that has shootings and murders daily and have to wonder why the mayor is spending his time worrying about protecting illegal immigrants when he can’t even protect his own citizens.

And if you happened to look at the federal contracting website the last couple of years (FedBizOpps), you would have seen contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to build and manage camps for immigrants flooding across the border.  That is American taxpayer money at a time when we have a huge national debt and many Americans suffering in the weak economic recovery.  No one is letting multi-million dollar contracts to feed and house these Americans.

What about Obamacare?  The media and Democrats are gnashing their teeth that Obamacare recipients might lose their health insurance.  Where was that touching concern when people who were happy with their health insurance lost it because of Obamacare?  Nowhere, that’s where.  At this point, with the failure of the exchanges and the spiraling premiums, it’s clear Obamacare is a failure.  When Democrats agree that it needs to be “fixed,” that is as close to an admission that the thing is a failure as you’ll get.

And what about treatment of captured terrorists?  I think many Americans would regard as perfectly reasonable Trump’s position of doing whatever it takes, as permitted by law, to get as much information out of a captured terrorist.  Perfectly sane, reasonable position that, not surprisingly, prioritizes innocent Americans over guilty terrorists.  And opponents of this position are going to argue . . . what, exactly?  That we shouldn’t do whatever it takes, consistent with law, to get information from terrorists?  That we shouldn’t capture terrorists?  What position could Trump’s opponents take that would appeal to more than a niche, boutique group of civil liberties absolutists?  What position could they take that would oppose Trump but not appear to prioritize terrorists over Americans?

Meanwhile, the Democrats are protesting . . . who knows.  I don’t know what the women’s march was protesting, or what the “RESIST” banner people were protesting, other than the fact that Donald Trump is president.  When Gloria Steinem — last seen enunciating the “one free grope” rule in the pages of the NYT to protect Bill Clinton — is protesting Donald Trump’s treatment of women, it’s obviously all pretext.  They lost an election to a Republican, and they are upset.

And the media aren’t doing themselves any favors.  They are flyspecking every statement the Trump Administration makes.  They have become a roving band of agitated nitpickers fussing over issues no one cares about.

So some free advice for the Trump team:  Ignore them.  Ignore them all.  Do what you think is right.  If it succeeds — and I think it will — the ankle-biters will be left complaining about smaller and smaller things and sinking further and further into irrelevance.  Just like in that old cartoon, be the big dog walking down the street, and ignore all the little yapping ankle-biting dogs.



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