Finally America is About to (Mostly) Breathe Free Again

If there’s one feeling I’ve had over the last eight years of the Obama Administration, it is one of suffocation.  Everything the Administration seemed to do was designed to suffocate.  The administration piled on regulation after regulation to suffocate industry.  Executive order after executive order to suffocate and further complicate government contracting.  EPA diktat after EPA diktat designed to suffocate the energy industry (except for the boutique clean energy generators from which the US gets less than 10 percent of its energy).  Edict after edict from the Department of Education designed to suffocate free speech on campus, particularly when it came to sexual assault.  The stranglehold of regulations that ensnared doctors and the entire health care industry in paperwork and forced religious objectors to abortion to fund abortifacents.

And, of course, there was the stultifying political correctness that constrained the ability to criticize the Obama Administration lest one be accused of racism, sexism, or whatnot.  With a Republican in the WH, dissent is patriotic and criticism and the adversarial press is legitimate again.

The last eight years have felt like trying to breathe the air in Beijing on a particularly bad air quality day.  The air just chokes you and you can see a mile down the street.  We’ve been metaphorically choked, suffocated, in our everyday lives.  We’ve been living with all sorts of artificial, externally imposed constraints on our lives.  No more.  That ends tomorrow.

Putting aside the demonstrators, protesters, and inauguration boycotters (all of whom are irrelevant with full GOP control of Congress and the presidency), the economy and our public discourse are once again about to breathe free.

It’s already evident from the rising stock market and increased confidence among small businesspeople that the business world expects the business climate to improve and the animal spirits to be revived under a Trump Administration.  Time will tell, but I would not be surprised at all to see a Reagan-esque economic boom in the next four years.


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